What Size Chaps Do I Need?

What size leather chaps do I need? What size leather chaps do I wear? This is THE most common question we get.

Once you’re finished reading about how to measure yourself for chaps, please be sure to check out our large selection of Men’s Leather Chaps and Women’s Leather Chaps.

You aren’t alone, but we are here to help! We have over 20 years of experience with sizing chaps, so here is your answer:

  • The most important measurement with leather chaps is your thigh measurement.
  • Measure your thigh (while wearing jeans) at the largest part, which is normally about 2-4 inches below where your thigh bends.
  • Measure both thighs and use the measurement of the largest thigh (we are all a tiny bit lopsided so that is why you need to measure both thighs)
  • Take your thigh measurement and add 1-2 inches to that and choose your leather chaps based on that measurement. Choose 1 inch larger if you want a tighter fit or 2 inches larger if you want a looser fit. It’s a personal choice, just like whether you wear your jeans tight or loose.

Why is my thigh measurement the most important?

  • With leather chaps, the thigh is the only part that is not adjustable so if you get your thigh measurement right your chaps should fit just fine. There are also chaps extenders available if you have a larger waist or perhaps you’ve gained weight and don’t want to buy new chaps, you can get a chaps extender to increase the waist size of your current chaps.
  • The waist on leather chaps is very adjustable. Most chaps have an adjustable leather belt built in which like any belt can be adjusted smaller or larger.
  • The length of your chaps comes long and simply needs to be cut to your length with a sharp pair of scissors. Leather does not fray so chaps do not need to be hemmed. Make sure that when you cut your chaps to length, you measure while sitting down. This is because when we sit our chaps will ride up some. If you measure while standing and then realize that when you sit on your motorcycle your chaps are now too short, it’s too late, as you’ve already cut them and no store will take them back once they’ve been cut.
  • Do you have large thighs? Hey, many of us do. I find that you will be most comfortable wearing one of our stretchy thigh leather chaps for large thighs. These chaps have a special stretchy inner thigh that stretches with you and makes riding your motorcycle so much more comfortable.

If you still have questions about measuring for your leather chaps, please feel free to contact us via the Contact Form below and we will respond as soon as possible.